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About Us

Veterinary Support Systems Limited was set-up to provide a Web based service for Veterinary Practices and others involved in prescribing animal remedies (Veterinary Medicinal Products) and the issuing of Veterinary Written Directives or Prescriptions for Medicated Feedstuffs.

Now that the legislation is changing, and putting a huge onus on all prescribers to comply, we are making our system available to all authorised people. This system complies with the new EU legislation.

This site is based on a well-proven system in every day use in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The relevant authorities have accepted its output.

You can complete a Prescription or a Feed Script quickly and accurately, while having the flexibility to include your own particular instructions. Scripts and Labels are produced as PDF files for printing or storing locally or accessing by your Clients and Millers.

The record of the documents will be kept on-file and will be accessible only to you for future reference. Your business will be totally confidential and will not be divulged to any third parties. As a site Member, you will be protected by a username and secret password.

Summary reports of your transactions are available on a periodic basis. Repeat scripts can be requested and issued quickly and easily.